Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Favourite colour

Photo Challenge
week 1
Favourite colour.
For me that would be green

Week 1 - Fav colour

I walk past this plant each morning on my walk. I have no idea what it is called but I think it might be some sort of weed. I have never noticed it has little testicle looking thing on it until I stopped and got up close.

Week 1 - Fav colour

love that green

Week 1 - Fav colour

Just playing here.

Week 1 - Fav colour

not sure how I got this as it is actually the sign that is green which has turned out white and the black sky turned out green.

Week 1 - Fav colour


Jenny said...

Nice green-like all the little detail on the weedy plant-I have seen it before but don't know what its called either-interesting effects too:)

Jodie said...

I like green too, very relaxing and cool. I can't decide what my FAV colour is going to be yet though!

gertie said...

That green plant is a Euphorbia and it's NOT a weed! They are fabulous drought tolerant plants...an old fashioned plant that is making a comeback.