Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Favourite Colour

Photo Challenge
Week One
My Favourite Colour

Sounds simple enough, but it ended up harder than I thought.
I have a strong affection for green, but it is not my favourite colour.
I am also drawn to orange, but again it is not my favourite.
Then there is red. Until recently I never gave it a thought, but more and more is making its way into my home and I love it!

So where is this leading?

To BLACK and WHITE!! I love black and white, it is my favourite colour combination. I know there are purists that will argue neither are actually colours but I love them. My shoes, my hand bag, wallet, all accessories are always black. I always have black trousers, Capri's, shorts. This summer my new top is white with black, grey and a bit of bling.

On to photos. I haven't experimented with black and white photography before and I seriously need to practice. I know these are not good. Contrast seems to be the key.

For this weeks challenge I went to a favourite place, the beach, and tried to capture it monochromatically.

The last photo is a personal favourite. My younger daughter and a long time (older) friend of mine. On the jetty feeding the fish. Just a snippet from our week.

Thanks Leanne for the Challenge. I so wanted to take part.

Next week will be interesting - clouds.
Lots and lots of hazy blue sky here and nothing else!


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Chookyblue...... said...

I haven't played with B&W much either............should do..I am surprised there is not a touch of roange or lime green in there..............looking forward toi the next subject.........

Leanne said...

I haven't played with B&W much either you have inspired me to have a play. Perhaps that should be a challenge down the track. We are just the opposite down here, for next weeks challenge nothing but grey overcast skies. Plenty of clouds but nothing nice to look at.