Sunday, August 15, 2010

Trucks (and Super Trucks)

Warning, this is a VERY picture heavy post!


I wasn't even going to try this challenge, but then I realised we would be spending the weekend at QR. That is Queensland Raceway for those of you uninitiated.

There are always heaps of trucks, transporters, new trucks, old trucks,' working' trucks, those that are just for show. what gets me is there always seems to be some blokes standing around looking at them. let's face it, they are just TRUCKS!

This next one made me chuckle.... a truck with a 'back deck' complete with lounge. Funny thing was, look closely, there is a guy reclining on the lounge. I didn't see him until I was looking through the camera view finder!

ok, now we move onto part 2 - SUPER TRUCKS! What makes a super truck, beats me. But they race them. Or they did this weekend.

Let me tell you watching trucks race is b.o.r.i.n.g. Just my opinion of course. And the smell! Tyre rubber, fuel, who knows what else. Not carbon neutral I can tell you.

But yet again, line 'em up and you get blokes standing around! I have cropped them out as much as possible.

Well done, if you have made it this far. Below is one 'in action', in situ shall we say, zooming 'round the track. See all that black stuff coming out the back...... not environmentally friendly at all. I'm just sayin'.......

snapped by Jodie

(with tongue firmly planted in cheek!)


Chookyblue...... said...

I would have been bored like you too............but great pics.........

Leanne said...

Mmmm I'm getting your message. Now you have done such a good job of showing us "Super Trucks" I will cross it off my list of things to do LOL. We will be back in Broad Beach on the 27th I will give you a call then.